AMAG Inks Closed-Loop Aluminium Partnership With Audi Hungaria

AMAG Inks Closed-Loop Aluminium Partnership With Audi Hungaria

European cast and rolled aluminium supplier AMAG Austria Metall AG announced this week a partnership with AUDI Hungaria Zrt to develop an aluminium closed-loop system between its factories.

Per the press release, waste aluminium generated at Audi’s plant in Györ will be delivered to AMAG’s plant in Ranshofen for recycling back into its primary aluminium output. Specifically, Audi’s sorted aluminium sheet scrap will be returned to AMAG for incorporation in new aluminium sheet, saving energy and rescuing usable aluminium from landfills simultaneously.

AMAG CEO Gerald Mayer said that the firm was in a prime position to take on the task of recycling Audi’s scrap aluminium.

“Recycling is one of AMAG’s core competencies. The closed-loop concept is an effective and sustainable recycling concept that goes beyond our corporate boundaries. Many years of experience, our know-how and the use of state-of-the-art recycling technology allow us to provide our customers with the best possible support in terms of CO2-optimized products and processes.”

AMAG noted that economical and efficient use of its resources is one of the pillars of its corporate strategy. As a result, the firm will continue to pursue closed-loop relationships, higher rates of scrap utilization, energy from renewable resources, sustainable use of rainwater, and continued decarbonization of its production process.