The Aluminum Association Welcomes JW Aluminum Into the Fold

The Aluminum Association Welcomes JW Aluminum Into the Fold

South Carolina rolled aluminium firm JW Aluminum is the newest member of American aluminium trade and advocacy group The Aluminium Association, who announced JW Aluminum’s membership on Wednesday.

“We are pleased to welcome JW Aluminum as our newest member,” said President & CEO of the Aluminum Association Heidi Brock. “As a leading producer of specialty, flat-rolled aluminum products, JW is a key addition to the Association as we work to chart a sustainable course for the entire domestic aluminum value chain.”

Originally begun at Mt. Holly, South Carolina in 1979 as Jim Walter Metals, JW Aluminum grew in the intervening years from a family-operated shop employing ten workers to a firm that operates four mills around the country – the original mill in Mt. Holly, their newest facility in Russellville, Arkansas, their largest mill in St. Louis, and an additional mill in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Among the products JW markets is building and distributor sheet, fin stock, cable wrap, grade I and III lithographic sheet, foil and sheet for automotive heat shields, honeycomb foil, and flexible packaging products.

The Association says that JW Aluminum joins as a producer member, which is a company that makes or fabricates aluminium products.

The Aluminum Association’s press release went on to point out that the North American aluminium industry shipped almost twenty-six billion pounds of product last year, which is the best showing yet for the industry since the recession began in 2008.

However, the Association continued by pointing out that global aluminium capacity has hurt the domestic aluminium industry. They say that primary aluminium capacity in the United States has fallen to the lowest level since 1950, and imports of aluminium ingots and milled products are at their highest level since 2005.