Aluminum Association Releases New Green Building Guidelines

The Aluminum Association announced the release of 2017’s guide to green building. The publication, entitled Aluminum in Green Buildings – A Guide to Environmental Declarations describe the processes for awarding green credits for life cycle assessments (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPD) as well as detailing steps building designers and architects may take to satisfy such requirements.

This is the third edition of the guidelines the Association has published. According to the Association, the publication strives to inform readers of current standards in environmental declaration requirements contained in building codes and ratings systems. The publication includes information on green certification programs including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4, Green Globes 2013, International Green Construction Code (IgCC) 2012, and the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen Code) 2010 and 2012.

According to the Association, this year’s edition examines the role of stakeholders along the entire spectrum of the building product manufacturing value chain, describing the various roles and responsibilities incumbent upon parties at each point along the chain. The Association says that the new guidelines also provide interested parties more information necessary for making declarations on aluminium building products than ever before.

Heidi Brock, President & CEO of the Aluminum Association says this year’s edition of the guidelines will better aid stakeholders in using aluminium in building projects than previous years’ editions.

“Our industry is committed to utilizing aluminum’s many benefits to advance sustainability efforts in the building and construction sector. The guide’s updates will help stakeholders in every stage of the process make informed decisions regarding environmental declarations as well as what aluminum can bring to the process.”

The Aluminum Association debuted the new guide at Greenbuild 2017 in Boston earlier this week. A soft copy of the guidelines may be obtained via this link.

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