Aluminum Association Lauds Commerce Department’s Affirmative Determinations Of Common Aluminium Alloy Sheet Imported From China

United States aluminium trade group the Aluminum Association remarked in favor of antidumping and countervailing duties on imports of common alloy aluminum sheet shipped from the People’s Republic of China earlier this week, noting the struggle domestic makers have faced from the subsidized aluminium sheet sold to the U.S. market.

On Wednesday the Commerce Department revealed antidumping margins of up to 59.72 percent and countervailing margins of up to 116.49 percent on common alloy aluminium sheet from Chinese producers after the Department began an investigation on the issue almost one full year ago.

The next stage of the investigation, which was the first self-initiated investigation in over 25 years, is a determination by the United States International Trade Commission’s (USITC) to determine whether the margins work a material harm to domestic producers. The vote on this issue is scheduled for December 5.

Heidi Brock, President and CEO of the Aluminum Association, expressed gratitude to the Commerce Department for recognizing the harm such imports have inflicted to domestic producers.

“The Aluminum Association and its members are extremely pleased with the Commerce Department’s final determinations that common alloy aluminum sheet from China is being sold unfairly in the United States. We appreciate Secretary Ross’s leadership in self-initiating these investigations and in enforcing rules-based global trade. U.S. manufacturers of common alloy aluminum sheet are among the most competitive producers in the world, but they cannot compete against products that are sold at unfairly low prices and subsidized by the Government of China.”

The aluminium product in question boasts of a high strength-to-weight ratio, light weight, ease of forming, and resistance to corrosion. It is typically used in a wide variety of applications, including transportation, infrastructure, construction, and marine. It is frequently used to produce guttering, street signs, license plates, and tractor trailers. Aluminium sheet used for beverage cans was not included in the investigation, however.

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