Aluminum Association Calls Upon Trump to Level Playing Field with China

North American aluminium industry trade group the Aluminum Association reacted to news that the long-awaited results of the United States Commerce Department’s Section 232 investigation into the national security implications of the current state of aluminium imports were delivered to the desk of President Donald Trump.

Speaking for the Association, its President and CEO Heidi Brock said in a statement that domestic aluminium producers expects the Trump Administration to respond to the investigation’s findings with solutions tailored to addressing the continuing cascade of low-priced aluminium washing ashore from the People’s Republic of China.

“On behalf of the domestic aluminum industry, the Aluminum Association appreciates the president’s continued commitment to strong trade enforcement and a level playing field for U.S. producers. We expect that the report will recognize the significant role the aluminum industry plays in ensuring our nation’s security and welcome the opportunity to engage the administration on an appropriate remedy that will benefit the entire aluminum value chain. The association supports actions that specifically address Chinese overcapacity, and protect trading relationships between the U.S. and critical partner countries which are crucial to a thriving domestic aluminum industry.”

The Association’s statement continued by urging that any response meet Chinese importers head on, but not in a fashion that may jeopardize other areas of the domestic economy. The Association also asked that remedies not be over-inclusive, cautioning the Administration against taking action that may harm relationships with other trading partners including Canada and the European Union.

The Aluminum Association also asked the Administration to tailor any remedies to address the needs of the entirety of the United States’ aluminium value chain, including the needs of fabricators, manufacturers, and other downstream stakeholders. In addition, the Association suggested that the Administration enact a monitoring system, similar to that system currently in place to monitor steel imports, ensuring that transshipment of aluminium in an effort at evading import restrictions becomes more difficult.

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