Aluminium Stewardship Initiative Certifies Constellium’s Singen Plant Against ASI Performance Standard

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative Certifies Constellium’s Singen Plant Against ASI Performance Standard

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) and Constellium yesterday announced the certification of the latter’s casting and rolling mill in Singen, Germany. The plant is among Constellium’s largest facilities.

The rolling and casting mill at Singen successfully qualified for certification under ASI’s Performance Standard for responsible production, sourcing, and stewardship of aluminium, as confirmed by an audit carried out by the independent, third-party firm GUTcert (AFNOR Group).

Singen’s facilities include an integrated hot/cold rolling line and high-grade cold mills. The plant’s primary customers are automotive manufacturers and packaging producers.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI, lauded the firm for its diligence in obtaining certification.

“We congratulate Constellium and the Singen team for this certification, a clear tribute to their longstanding engagement in ASI and dedication and engagement to implementing sustainable practices in their business. As a founding member of ASI, Constellium has greatly contributed to defining responsible production and stewardship standards for the aluminium industry. We are excited to know that they plan to continue their ASI certification journey, and support suppliers and customers in their responsible sourcing efforts.”

“Singen’s certification is an important milestone in Constellium’s sustainable journey,” opined Constellium’s Vice President of Group Sustainability Catherine Athènes. “It demonstrates our commitment to produce high value-added solutions in a responsible and sustainable way.”

“The certification inspired us to take a holistic approach towards sustainability in operations at Singen,” opined Singen’s Plant Manager of Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products Robert Gabor. “We are now working to certify our casting and rolling operations against the ASI Chain of Custody Standard, and expect to complete this certification by the end of 2019.”

The ASI is a worldwide organization dedicated to setting industrial standards and certifications in the aluminium industry. The association attempts to bring together the various stakeholders in the aluminium industry in order to achieve objectives including sustainable production methods, material chain-of-custody procedures, recycling, social impacts related to aluminium production, and production standards.