Aluminium Development Council Coming Soon: India’s Mines Minister

India’s Mines Secretary Balvinder Kumar indicated that an Indian Aluminium Development Council was in the works in remarks made at an aluminium seminar yesterday. Speaking at the Aluminium Association of India’s seminar entitled “Aluminium: The Strategic Metal,” Kumar also commended the industry’s major players for coming together to weather the aluminium industry’s recent stormy past.

“The demand for an Aluminium Development Council is genuine and the Government will set up the proposed council as suggested by president of AAI and Nalco CMD Tapan Kumar Chand,” he said.

Kumar went on to say that his ministry has asked the Railway Ministry to align transportation rates for bauxite ore with those charged for limestone, and to classify alumina into the non-metal segment.

“As India grows, its GDP grows and infrastructure expands, there is natural growth of the aluminium sector even as the per capita aluminium consumption remains low presently,” Kumar continued. “There is a tremendous scope for development of the aluminium sector in the country and the scope is unlimited. We have a huge reserve of raw material which is the seventh in the world. Odisha and Andhra Pradesh have plenty of bauxite.”

R.K. Sharma, Principal Secretary to Government of Odisha, Ministry of Steel & Mines, also addressed the seminar and echoed Kumar’s remarks about the expansion potential of India’s aluminium industry, especially in the state of Odisha.

The Chairman cum Managing Director of National Aluminium Company (Nalco) T.K. Chand also addressed the seminar. He indicated that AAI is taking steps to shore up domestic aluminium as the rest of the world’s producers face difficult market conditions. Chand went on to say that strategies that will keep domestic aluminium competitive include focusing on cost reduction, enlivening India’s demand for the metal, and enhancing industrial output by offering more value-added and high-end product offerings.

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