Aluminij To Ink Twin Deals For Zero-Carbon Aluminium Project

Aluminij To Ink Twin Deals For Zero-Carbon Aluminium Project

Bosnian aluminium firm Aluminij has entered US$141.2 million in deals aimed at creating a zero-carbon aluminium product.

Today the firm is scheduled to sign a deal with Glencore to build a 60 mW solar power project and aluminium recycling facility. Also planned is the signing of a deal with steel company Duferco on a new green aluminium factory specializing in automotive aluminium and aluminium wire. There was no estimation of the completion date of the solar power project, but the company estimated that the green aluminium plant would be commissioned in 2025.

“Our annual production capacity is 250,000 metric tonnes of billets, ingots and slabs,” noted CEO Amir Gross Kabiri to Reuters earlier this week. He went on to say that a 2020 modification of the plant raised it from 75 thousand metric tons.

He went on to laud the benefits of the solar program, saying that its independence from the country’s grid will eliminate most blackouts.

“It will provide us with electricity supply, renewable and stable, for the cast house, the anode plant and entire factory operation without electrolysis.”

Kabiri said construction of the solar plant would begin next year.

In the meantime, Kabiri noted that the construction of the Southern gas inter-connector that will transport natural gas from Croatia to Bosnia will permit Aluminij to spin up its long-shuttered electrolysis plant. The natural gas line is expected to be completed in the next three to five years.