Alu Menziken Joins Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

Alu Menziken Joins Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) welcomed Swiss extrusion press manufacturer Alu Menziken Group as its latest Production and Transformation member.

With origins dating back to 1897, Alu Menziken runs one of the most modern aluminium extrusion lines on the European continent. Its state-of-the-art CNC machines and cutting-edge saws offer its customers an efficient production process for semi-fabricated aluminium. In addition, Alu Menziken provides high-performance welding and joining technologies for aluminium assemblies and components.

Andreas Behrendt, Head of Quality Alu Menziken Romania ESG Responsible Alu Menziken Group, said in a press release that responsible production is a high priority for his firm.

“As a member of the Montana Aerospace AG, a publicly listed conglomerate of companies, and as responsible partner in our respective communities, our organization strives to improve our environmental impact significantly.

“Our goal is to reduce especially our carbon footprint, as the industry we are working in is requiring large amounts of energy.

“As supplier for the aerospace and automotive industries we are keen to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for a sustainable future.”

Alu Menziken operates two plants in Switzerland, a plant on the border between Germany and Austria, and a plant in northeast Romania.

The ASI is a worldwide organization dedicated to setting industrial standards and certifications in the aluminium industry. The association brings together the various stakeholders in the aluminium industry in order to achieve objectives including sustainable production methods, material chain-of-custody procedures, recycling, social impacts related to aluminium production, and production standards.