Alro Slatina Marks 16th Anniversary With Opening Of New High-Tech Aluminium Extrusion Capacity

Alro Slatina Marks 16th Anniversary With Opening Of New High-Tech Aluminium Extrusion Capacity

Romanian aluminium company Alro SA (Alro Slatina) said this week that its downstream extrusion operation Vimetco Extrusion recently brought online its new €10 million technologically advanced automated extrusion line at its plant in Romania.

The new aluminium extrusion line will add 11 thousand metric tons per annum more of production capacity for value-added and high value-added aluminium products. The new line, which was built with the help of Presezzi Extrusion spa, is operated using an energy efficient system and independently-operated water and air cooling zones.

Igor Higer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vimetco Extrusion, said in a press release that the line’s opening, which coincides with the firm’s 16th anniversary, is a major milestone in its own right.

“Every anniversary is a good opportunity to reflect upon Vimetco Extrusion evolution, appreciate the team and all the partners, and share new perspectives on business development. Vimetco Extrusion takes the responsibility towards its stakeholders very seriously, investing in sustainable development, creating added value and strong opportunities for the community as well.”

“Our long-term strategy is and has always been focused on rational resources allocation, investing in state-of-the-art capacities, reducing energy demand through energy efficiency, and supporting green energy industries through the supply of aluminium products,” he continued. “And this proves to be even more correct and valuable during the current challenging worldwide context, with the energy crisis putting the economic progress under high risk.”

Alro was founded in 1963 and is based in Slatina, Romania. The firm, a subsidiary of Vimetco N.V., is managed by Russian investor Vitaliy Machitski and has an installed capacity of 265,000 metric tons per year, making it one of the largest producers in Central and Eastern Europe outside of Russia and Scandinavia. It also produces 35 thousand metric tons per annum of recycled aluminium and churns out 335 thousand metric tons per annum of cast aluminium.