Aleris Inks Deal with UAE Firm to Market Architectural Aluminium Alloy

Aleris Inks Deal with UAE Firm to Market Architectural Aluminium Alloy

Ohio’s Aleris International, Inc. announced a partnership earlier this week with Dubai’s MJ Building Materials TradingDMCC to promote its proprietary architectural aluminium alloy 55HX to construction firms in the region.

Aleris’s 55HX alloy is designed to be used in a wide range of architectural applications, including indoor and outdoor spaces. Façades, wall cladding, ceilings, and roofs are among the areas upon which the aluminium alloy can be used.

“Our 55HX® is already a well-known brand in the European advanced architecture market, and it will grow further in the Gulf region thanks to this partnership,” opined Johan Petry, Aleris Industrial Products Vice President. “By combining MJ Building Materials’ experience in the region and Aleris’ know-how in architectural applications, we will strengthen our position in the Middle-East.”

Aleris says the alloy in question is easily shaped for use in nearly any space. The alloy’s quality surface can be further enhanced by anodization, giving it advanced UV, scratch, and corrosion resistance. It also features a high degree of color uniformity across successive batches, offering consistency throughout a project of color and gloss.

“Many ambitious high-end projects are currently being developed in our region and we see a lot of potential in the use of aluminum for architectural applications,” explained Modar Al Mekdad, Chairman MJ Building Materials TradingDMCC. “Therefore, it is obvious for us to collaborate with Aleris, which provides high quality material. In particular, its 55HX® meets all essential criteria for construction in the GCC region. Indeed, the 55HX® is currently the only plain aluminum that meets the stringent fire requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 285).”