Alcoa Unveils Roadmap To Sustainable Aluminium

Alcoa Unveils Roadmap To Sustainable Aluminium

Aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced this week a technological plan that it hopes will lead the aluminium industry into more sustainably producing the metal in the future.

The firm says its “technological roadmap” are capable of not only moving the aluminium industry into wider sustainability, but are also economically beneficial in the coming low-carbon future.

Alcoa’s plan to sustainable aluminium rests upon three pillars: the “refinery of the future,” which is a plan for cheaper, low-carbon alumina refining, its ASTRAEA aluminium recycling process, and its ELYSIS aluminium-smelting technology.

The “Refinery of the Future” will be built around two new techonologies, mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) and electric calcination, both of which create a closed system that recycles water and allows the system to join a renewable-powered electric grid.

Meanwhile, use of Alcoa’s ASTRAEA aluminium recycling process enables the firm to use low-quality scrap aluminium to be purified into P101 aluminium, which is purer that aluminium produced at most other smelters. Additionally, ELYSIS utilizes a new electrode design that cuts out GHG production and yields pure oxygen in its place.

Alcoa President and CEO Roy Harvey elaborated on the firm’s plans in a press release last week.

“Our technology roadmap represents an array of next-generation solutions that could significantly reduce emissions across the upstream value chain and concurrently generate significant stockholder value. Our Refinery of the Future design and the ELYSIS zero carbon smelting technology, as just two examples, not only aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency in aluminum production, but target complete reduction of greenhouse gas generation from their respective production processes.”

“Alcoa developed the aluminum industry more than 135 years ago, and that legacy of innovation motivates us to help create a better future for tomorrow – one where we are leveraging our products, processes, and people to realize our vision to reinvent the aluminum industry for a sustainable future,” he concluded.

Alcoa aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 for the entirety of its value chain.