Alcoa Unveils New Company Name, Logos

Alcoa Unveils New Company Name, Logos
The logo and tagline of Alcoa's future Value-Add company, unveiled today - "Arconic: Innovation, Engineered." Alcoa will separate into two leading-edge companies later this year. Source: Alcoa

American aluminium supplier Alcoa debuted the name and tagline of its new, value-add company yesterday: “Arconic. Innovation, Engineered.” It also announced that the Upstream company will continue to operate under the name “Alcoa,” albeit with a slightly different logo.

Alcoa explained the new name as representing the company’s heritage while continuing to commit to innovation in the lightweight metals industry. The “A” represents the company’s past as Alcoa, “Arc” represents the arc of progress and advancement, and “-conic” refers to the firm’s legacy of creating iconic products and focusing on breakthroughs and innovations in the lightweight metals market.

The two-dimensional logo represents a 3D figure, which stands for the company’s commitment to make the impossible, real. The silhouette resembles Alcoa’s previous trademark and, as such, pays tribute to it. The colors represent the firm’s “vibrant, dynamic culture.”

“The ‘Arconic’ brand fuses our extraordinary heritage with our highly promising future,” said Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “It echoes our 127-year history of invention – and reinvention. Our logo depicts the realm of possibility brought to life. It reflects our vision of limitless innovation solving complex engineering challenges, to transform the way we fly, drive, build, package and power. And it represents the ingenuity of our people, who are dedicated to inventing, developing, and delivering high-quality, innovative products and solutions that contribute to our customers’ success and create shareholder value.”

Alcoa’s trademark received an upgrade as well: the “A” symbol is now removed from its enclosure, representing outside-the-box thinking. It retains its sharp apex, reminiscent of an ascending arrow, and keeps its “Alcoa blue” background to pay homage to its foundation.

“The new Alcoa mark represents a transformed and agile Upstream company: resilient against market down-swings and poised to capitalize on upswings,” explained Kleinfeld. “And so, with today’s announcements, we move closer to launching two leading-edge companies, each ready to define and seize the future.”