Alcoa Named a Leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Alcoa Named a Leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

American aluminium giant Alcoa Corporation announced yesterday that it has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).

The DJSI employ long-range benchmarks that quantify a company’s sustainability performance of large corporations around the world. Alcoa has been included in the DJSI as a mining and metals leader in categories including environmental performance, corporate governance, risk and crisis management, climate strategy, human capital development, and social impact.

Alcoa Corporation is picking up where its former parent company left off, as Alcoa Inc. was included as a sustainability leader for fifteen straight years prior to the firm’s split late last year.

Michelle O’Neill, Senior Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Sustainability, said the company’s addition to the index indicates the high regard in which it holds its responsibilities to the environment and to the global community.

“Alcoa Corporation attributes its inclusion in the Indices to the ongoing dedication of our employees across the globe. Our corporate values, which are to act with integrity, operate with excellence, and care for people, drive our daily commitment to reducing the impact of our operations and increasing the value we bring to society.”

Alcoa’s long and storied history began with its founding as Pittsburgh Reduction Company in 1888 by Charles Martin Hall, one half of the discovery team to pioneer the Hall-Héroult process, and Alfred E. Hunt. The duo began production at three sites in earnest by 1895. The firm began operating as The Aluminum Company of America in 1907, with the term “Alcoa” entering into use three years later.

Alcoa spun off its value-added operations last year, retaining primary aluminium mining, smelting, and refining operations. Alcoa returned its headquarters to Pittsburgh after an eleven-year hiatus earlier this spring. In addition to aluminium manufacturing, Alcoa also maintains a strong presence in research and development, boasting several R&D centers across the United States, the largest of which is located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.