Alcoa Inks Deal With Hellenic Cables To Supply Low-Carbon Aluminium

Alcoa Inks Deal With Hellenic Cables To Supply Low-Carbon Aluminium

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced last week an agreement to supply its proprietary low-carbon aluminium to European cable producer Hellenic Cables S.A.

Alcoa has agreed to supply Hellenic Cables, which is a subsidiary of Cenergy Holdings, with its low-carbon EcoLum aluminium as an alternative to copper, which has superior conductivity, mechanical properties, and durability.

Alcoa did not reveal financial terms of the deal, which will have it supplying its five manufacturing plants in three countries with the low-carbon aluminium product. EcoLum is part of Alcoa’s Sustana brand of low-carbon products, which boasts a carbon footprint up to 3.5 times smaller than the industry average.

Kelly Thomas, Alcoa’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, said in a press release that the arrangement would be beneficial to both parties.

“We are very proud to partner with Hellenic Cables and assist them in their stated mission to develop a sustainable energy future. We know that aluminum is a key material for a more sustainable future, and we are the company to deliver with responsible production from mine to metal, all backed by excellent quality and strong customer service.”

Alexis Alexiou, CEO of Cenergy Holdings and Hellenic Cables, said that the deal will help it reach its targets for sustainable production.

“Hellenic Cables is committed not only to reducing its own operational emissions, but to also drive decarbonization activities across the entire business’ areas of influence. Alcoa is a key enabler that contributes efficiently in this direction. We prioritize the urgency of deep and immediate mitigation actions, hence EcoLum minimizes our environmental impacts and enhances the value of our products.”

Alcoa says it has seen a dramatic rise in demand for its low-carbon offerings, with 2022’s orders for Sustana products tripling over last year. At present, about 80 percent of its aluminium smelting operations are fueled by renewable power, and the firm says it continues apace towards its goal of net zero carbon emissions by mid century.