Alcoa Inks Deal To Provide Low-Carbon Aluminium To Speira

Alcoa Inks Deal To Provide Low-Carbon Aluminium To Speira

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced this week an agreement with global aluminium rolling and recycling firm Speira to supply it with its low-carbon aluminium line EcoLum.

Details of the deal were sparse, but Kelly Thomas, Alcoa’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, said in a press release that the impetus of the deal was to aid Speira in achieving its sustainability goals.

“We’re proud to supply Speira with low-carbon aluminum and assist our customer in their pursuit to continuously produce high-quality products with the environment in mind.”

Alcoa says it continues to see a rise in demand for its low-carbon aluminium offerings in the Sustana line of products. The firm has a trio of products in the Sustana line, including EcoDura, which has at least 50 percent recycled aluminium content, and EcoSource, which is the only currently available low-carbon smelter-grade alumina.

Thomas said the demand for low-carbon aluminium is likely to only go up in the coming years.

“In 2022, we expect to see year-over-year sales of both EcoLum and EcoDura increase more than three-fold. From mine to metal, our integrated approach to sustainability across the value chain provides an inherent advantage for Alcoa and our customers.”

Reinhild Schmidt, Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations at Speira, said that the agreement meshes with the firm’s overall emphasis on sustainability.

“In Speira, we share the passion of reducing the carbon footprint of our products and driving the decarbonization of our business. The partnership with Alcoa and the decision to purchase EcoLum is a natural and important step on this path.”

Alcoa and Speira are both members of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. Speira operates several aluminium manufacturing facilities in Germany and Norway, including the world’s largest rolled aluminium finishing mill at Grevenbroich.