Alcoa Debuts New More Sustainable Aluminium Products

Alcoa Debuts New More Sustainable Aluminium Products

American aluminium major Alcoa Corporation debuted a new low carbon, high recycled content product at Aluminium 2016 this week.

Sustana, Alcoa’s latest product, was designed by the firm to help customers cut their overall carbon use in their supply chain and to aid them in meeting sustainability targets.

The new product line is composed of two offerings. The first of those, named Ecolum, is primary aluminium produced using energy harvested from hydroelectric sources that operate at a ratio of 2.5 metric tons of carbon or less produced per metric ton of aluminium. Ecolum also has a lower carbon impact than its competitors, totaling up to seventy-five percent below that of the industry average. The product comes with a certificate of origin that customers may use to assess their own carbon footprint.

The second offering is named Ecodura and is aluminium billet made from recycled content. As such, it is well suited for customers searching for low-carbon materials. The billet, which comes in different alloys and sizes, is made from fifty percent recycled content and uses up to ninety-five percent less energy to produce than materials made without recycled content. Ecodura also contributes to sustainable building projects certifications LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

“Companies across a range of end markets have made sustainability a core business imperative and, as a result, they’ve prioritized the use of low-carbon aluminum products with proper certifications,” explained president of Alcoa Cast Products Timothy Reyes. “By introducing these eco-friendly Sustana products, which offer significant sustainability benefits when compared to the industry average, Alcoa is underscoring its commitment to helping customers reduce their environmental footprint.”

“This global product launch also builds on our own long-standing commitment to sustainability, which includes several noteworthy reductions in our own carbon footprint,” he concluded.