Airbus Awards AMAG “Accredited Supplier” Recognition For Supply Of Rolled Products

Airbus Awards AMAG “Accredited Supplier” Recognition For Supply Of Rolled Products

Austrian metals firm AMAG Austria Metall AG has again been recognized as an accredited supplier of rolled aluminium and other rolled products from European aerospace firm Airbus SE.

Airbus’s “accredited supplier” award is the highest of four quality awards offered by the firm. Currently it stands alone as the only rolled products supplier to achieve such recognition. This week’s award is the third consecutive accredited supplier award for AMAG.

Airbus gives the award to recognize “outstanding delivery reliability and excellent product quality and is part of the Supply Chain & Quality Improvement (SQIP) program.” The award is offered to encourage continuous improvement from its suppliers.

AMAG supplies Airbus with certified rolled products for structural and outer skin applications. Airbus also coordinates with AMAG on supply chain issues, including recycling and projects to increase Airbus’s material efficiency.

AMAG CEO Gerald Mayer said in a press release that the award is proof positive of its commitment to continued improvement of its rolled aluminium and other rolled products.

“Innovation and continuous improvement comes quite naturally to us. All the more reason to be delighted about the repeated award from Airbus at the highest level, which expresses our customer orientation and our quality standards. This makes us currently the only supplier of rolled aluminum products to have received this award at the highest level, and even twice in a row. We regard this success as an incentive to expand our contribution to the development of the strategic partnership.”

The two firms have a relationship stretching back almost two decades, including the biggest deal between the two firms that was signed in the summer of 2016.