Aeromet 3D Printing Aluminium Alloy Powder Achieves Record-Breaking Strength Test Results

Aeromet 3D Printing Aluminium Alloy Powder Achieves Record-Breaking Strength Test Results

British foundry specialist Aeromet International revealed earlier this week the latest strength test results for its patented additive manufacturing aluminium alloy A20X, noting that the alloy has now been confirmed as one of the strongest additive manufacturing powders currently commercially available.

In the course of research the firm is conducting in conjunction with aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and additive manufacturing equipment specialist Renishaw plc, Aeromet’s proprietary aluminium powder tested at an Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of 511 MPa, a Yield Strength of 440 MPa, and Elongation of 13 percent.

A20X’s test results, especially that of exceeding the 500 MPa UTS mark, places it in the rarefied air of high-strength aluminium additive manufacturing. Aeromet notes that parts produced using A20X maintain high strength and fatigue properties even at high temperatures, thus outperforming several competing aluminium powders.

Mike Bond, Director of Advanced Material Technology at Aeromet, noted the progress the firm has had in developing and introducing the alloy to the wider market.

“Since bringing the A20X alloy to market for additive manufacturing 5 years ago we have seen significant adoption for high-strength, design-critical applications. By working with Rolls-Royce, Renishaw and PSI we have optimised processing parameters that led to record-breaking results, opening up new design possibilities for aerospace and advanced engineering applications.”

Testing of the aluminium alloy was conducted under the auspices of the HighSAP project, which is itself a project supported by the UK’s National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP). Aeromet derives the powder from A20X casting alloy, which the firm states is the world’s strongest aluminium casting alloy and is in wide use among aerospace casting firms around the world.