ABx Confirms Another 30,000 MT Bauxite Shipment of Tasmanian Ore

ABx Confirms Another 30,000 MT Bauxite Shipment of Tasmanian Ore
Paul Glover (left) and Leon Hawker. Source: ABx

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced the sale of another significant quantity of bauxite ore today, confirming the sale of 30 thousand metric tons of the ore harvested from its mine at Bald Hill.

ABx declined to identify the purchaser or the destination for which the cement-grade bauxite is headed. The ore will be shipped from the Bell Bay port of Launceston, Tasmania after being raised from mines at the Bald Hill Bauxite Project at Campbell Town, Northern Tasmania. Delivery is contracted to be made prior to the end of September.

Best Quality and On-Time Delivery Boasts ABx

“We have a proven record of on-time delivery of large tonnage cargoes of bauxite produced and blended to our customer’s requirements,” opined ABx’s Chief Operating Officer Leon Hawker. “We also can ship efficiently from Bell Bay Port – an all-weather, 24/7 export port that can operate to high standards all year round. This is a core strength of our business.”

Paul Glover, ABx’s Logistics Manager, emphasized the quality and quality-control measures undertaken by his firm and their benefit to the end customer.

“Our bauxite is being blended specifically to suit our cement-grade bauxite customer, which is what we do for each sale. It is very clean bauxite due to efficient processing by Stornoway contractors at the Bald Hill mine and careful transport pit-to-port by Wagners, in close coordination with QUBE stevedores and TasPorts. Our customers appreciate that ABx bauxite is the best favour they can do for themselves and their cement plant.”

Based in Sydney, ABx conducts operations in Tasmania, Queensland, and New South Wales. The firm boasts combined JORC resources of 124 million metric tons in twenty-two tenements covering almost two thousand square kilometers in Eastern Australia. Its Binjour tenement in Queensland is considered by the company to be its flagship project.