ABx Announces Restart of Bald Hill Mine on August 8

ABx Announces Restart of Bald Hill Mine on August 8

Australian Bauxite Limited announced on Wednesday that the firm, in conjunction with its operations contractor Stornoway, will be restarting the Bald Hill Bauxite Project at Campbell Town, Northern Tasmania. The announcement gave the starting date as August 8 for continuing routine rehabilitation. The firm would also assemble the next three bauxite loads for sale, the first of which would occur in late spring 2017.

According to the press release, the site passed inspections over the past two months and was undamaged in the recent flooding of the area, while the mine was idle. ABx expects the site to continue to dry out over the next two months, allowing for easier assemblage of the lots the firm expects to sell over the next several months.

ABx says that the marketing team will commence assembling samples for testing by potential clients, including a multi-ton, cement-grade sample to be forwarded to an unnamed customer for testing early next month.

“There’s sufficient bauxite tonnage for several shiploads that has been methodically stored at the mine site for blending to meet the grade requirement of our bauxite cement customers,” said ABx’s Chief Operating Officer Leon Hawker. “There is also the beginnings of a shipload of metallurgical-grade bauxite for the aluminium industry, when prices are attractive for ABx.”

“Our cement-grade bauxite is designed to supply both aluminium oxide and iron oxide to cement plants in a single, stable, clean product and ABx is able to blend the exact mixture for each individual customer’s situation,” ABx’s Logistic Manager Paul Glover explained. “Having been washed clean over geological time means that our bauxite is naturally chemically pure. Bauxite lowers the kiln temperatures and reduces wear in many cement kilns and is suitable for making corrosion resistant cement with excellent late strength for many modern applications.”

“It is even grained, dry, dust-free and exceptionally good for handling due to rigorous processing by Stornoway contractors at Bald Hill mine, careful transport pit-to-port by TasRail and professional port handling at Bell Bay Port by QUBE Ports,” he concluded.