Russian Researchers Develop Nano Powders for Improving Aluminium Alloys

Researchers from the Russian Federation are working to develop nano powders to be added to aluminium alloys that will enhance certain beneficial qualities of those alloys.

Russian News Agency TASS reports the development taking place at the laboratories of the Siberian Federal University (SFU) in Krasnoyarsk.

“This is our unique development of researchers from the SFU and the Krasnoyarsk Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Siberian Department. The aluminum processing technology with use of special nano powders created by us unveils new opportunities to produce composite materials with improved properties, that is, with higher strength, rigidity of flexibility,” explained the head of SFU’s laboratories Igor Karpov.

Karpov went on to explain that the primary users of such nano powders will likely be metals and machine-building companies that specialize in the production of cast products using aluminium alloys.

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