Rusal Inaugurates New Digestion Train at Urals Aluminium Smelter

Фото Уральский алюминиевый завод

Russian Federation aluminium juggernaut U.C. Rusal announced that its Urals Aluminium Smelter (UAZ) will boost its annual production to 900 thousand metric tons by the installation of a new digestion train.

The project, which is anticipated to cost RUB1.1 billion (USD19.3 million), will add almost seven dozen new digestion units. Upon completion, the new train will add 130 thousand metric tons per annum of alumina refining capacity to the refinery’s output, which now sets at around 770 thousand metric tons per annum. In addition to boosting capacity, the new equipment is expected to make the refining process safer and more energy efficient, both of which will lead to cost reductions in the plant’s alumina refining process.

The new digestion train is part of Rusal’s RUB1.5 billion modernization program undertaken at UAZ’s refinery. Construction of the new train lasted for two years and was officially ended earlier this week at the opening ceremony at the plant, at which Rusal’s CEO Vladislav Soloviev, director of RUSAL’s alumina division Yakov Itskov, and Sverdlovsk governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev were in attendance.

“During the course of the modernization of our production sites, we have introduced up-to-date technologies and equipment,” said Soloviev at the event. “It is important to notice that the commissioned digester primarily consists of equipment that has been designed and made in Russia and as such, surpasses its foreign counterparts.”

UAZ is located in the historical city of Kamensk-Uralsky, a city of 175,000 located at the confluence of the Kamenka and Iset Rivers on the southern border of the mineral-rich industrial center of Sverdlovsk Oblast. Launched in 1939, the plant turns out smelter-grade alumina (G-00, G-00K), non-smelter grade alumina (GSK, GEF, GK), and aluminium hydroxide for use at Rusal smelters and for sale to third-party smelters and producers of ceramic and refractory products.

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