Rusal Boosts Corundum Production at Aluminium Refinery in NW Russia


Russian Federation aluminium titan UC Rusal announced on Friday that the modernization project the firm undertook at its Boksitogorsk Alumina Refinery is now complete.

The US$1.65-million project began in the fall of 2015 and featured the installation of cutting-edge crushing and processing equipment intended to boost the facility’s output of corundum. The plant’s new nameplate corundum capacity is 79 thousand tons per annum, which includes an increase in 6 thousand tons per annum of refractory material and 4 thousand metric tons of abrasives. Its previous highest output was 69 thousand metric tons, which was achieved last year.

“The commissioning of new production facility at the Boksitogorsk Alumina Refinery is of great importance for the metallurgical industry of the Russian Federation, since the entity manufactures more than 100 types of corundum products including abrasive grains and powders, micro abrasive powders, refractory grits and ramming mixtures,” explained Rusal’s CEO Vladislav Soloviev. “The implementation of such up-to-date technologies will improve the working conditions of our employees and will comply with the strict environmental standards.”

The new equipment, which was manufactured specifically for the plant, was designed and constructed in Russia. It was produced as part of a program to ensure that the corundum made at Boksitogorsk meets international standards, as half of the plant’s output already this year was sold on the international market.

Corundum, which is a hard, refractory material made with aluminium oxide, is used in metallurgical applications to produce abrasive tools and fire-resistant products, among other items. Rusal says that sales of the substance are up at their plant due to a rise in quality of the product produced there which, in turn, drove demand up as well.

Boksitogorsk Alumina Refinery is located on the banks of the Pyardomla River in the Leningrad Oblast. The town of Boksitogorsk has a population of 16,500 and is located 150 miles east of St. Petersburg.

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