Metro Mining’s Bauxite Reserves on Cape York Now Total 144.8 MMT

Bauxite Hills

Brisbane’s Metro Mining Ltd released an overview of their expanded Bauxite Hills Mine project on Monday. The document is the first public disclosure of the project’s bauxite resources since finalizing the purchase of Gulf Alumina’s interests in the area in January.

According to the report, Metro Mining’s bauxite reserves at Bauxite Hills includes 144.8 million metric tons of direct shipping ore (DSO), of which 54.7 dry metric tons was measured, 66.7 dry metric tons was indicated, and the remaining 23.7 dry metric tons was inferred. Testing showed that 49.2% of the reserve consisted of aluminium oxide and 13.9% of silicon dioxide.

Of the total tonnage, 28.6 million of it is at tract BH1, which is the northeast sector of the project. In this sector, 27.7 million dry metric tons of bauxite was measured, 500 thousand dry metric tons was indicated, and another 400 thousand metric tons was inferred. The bauxite ore at BH1 consists of 51.2% aluminium oxide and 9.6% silicon dioxide.

Another 104.5 million metric tons lies under BH6, the north central sector of the project, which includes the tract formerly owned by Gulf Alumina that slashes vertically across the sector. Of the total tonnage in the sector, 27 million dry metric tons was measured, 54.2 million dry metric tons was indicated, and the remaining 23.4 million dry metric tons was inferred. The bauxite ore in this area has a slightly higher silica content, consisting of 48.6% aluminium oxide and 14.8% silicon dioxide.

The tract christened BH2, which lies in the southwestern portion of the project, accounts for another 11.7 million metric tons of indicated bauxite that consists of 49.1% aluminium oxide and 15.7% silicon dioxide.

Metro Mining is based in Brisbane, and began life when it was spun off from Cape Alumina Ltd. upon its takeover by MetroCoal Ltd in 2014. The firm has exploration rights in over 500 square miles of western Cape York, which is second to only Rio Tinto Alcan. Its primary asset is its Bauxite Hills Project, which is expected to yield up to four million metric tons per annum.

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