Major Indian Engineering Institution to Add Chair Professor of Aluminium

A prominent engineering and research institution in India is gearing up to take on a member in its faculty dedicated to aluminium.

The head of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME) at Nagpur’s Visvesvarya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) told local media this week that the publicly-funded institution is preparing to add a chair professor in aluminium. The position could be filled and functional as soon as the next academic year, according to Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Development and Design Centre (JNARDDC) director Anupam Agnihotri. He went on to express the prestigious nature of the award for the institution.

“This had become possible due to the joint effort of JNARDDC and VNIT under an ongoing project and MoU of working together in aluminium research from past two years. There are many public sector companies in aluminium and offer enough opportunities for research,” explained Agnihotri.

The position is being established by India’s Ministry of Mines in conjunction with JNARDDC, with the former charged with providing the position’s salary. According to Agnihotri the spot will be filled by an individual whose contribution to the field is substantial. The professor could be chosen from among the ranks of academia, industry, or research and development, and he is expected to liaise among the various parties in those fields. In addition, the individual chosen to fill the spot will help direct talented individuals into the field of aluminium.

“Metallurgy generally focuses only ‘steel’ where as there are lot of non- ferrous metallurgy too and aluminium is one such sector which needs to be studied in depth for overall improvement of this metal and its per capita consumption in the country,” Agnihotri said.

VNIT Nagpur was established in the summer of 1960 and awards bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in engineering, technology and architecture. It is centrally funded and operates under the rubric of India’s National Institutes of Technology (NIT) system.

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