Chinese Government Suspends 2 MMT of Aluminium Capacity in Xinjiang

Three aluminium operations in the People’s Republic of China with a combined nameplate capacity of two million metric tons now stand idle after the government determined that the firms operating them have been violating regulations put in place to limit capacity.

According to a report in the state-run China Security Times on Sunday that was reported to the West by Reuters, the website for Changji county’s government indicated that smelters run by Xinjiang East Hope Ferrous Metals Co. Ltd., Xinjiang Qiya Energy Aluminium Electric Co. Ltd., and Xinjiang Jiarun Resources Co. Ltd. were shut down as of April 14. The reports did not identify the specific infractions, and representatives for the three companies were not available for comment on the situation by the time the Reuters report went to press.

The newspaper went on to report that China had 7.4 million metric tons of new aluminium capacity being built at the close of last year. Once completed, China’s total capacity will be 46 million metric tons according to the report.

Changji is a county-level city of about 390,000 residents approximately 25 miles west of Ürümqi, the capitol of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China’s far west. The city is also the seat of the Chanji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, which is a region within which the country’s Islamic minority Hui people have been granted a measure of self rule. The city has been continuously populated since the Tang Dynasty.

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