Administrative Consolidation Returns Alcoa HQ to Pittsburgh

In a continuing effort at streamlining the company’s operations, Alcoa is consolidating several of its administrative offices.

The initial location to close its doors is Alcoa’s office in New York City, which will see the firm’s global headquarters return to Pittsburgh, the city where Charles Martin Hall founded its predecessor in 1888. The Pittsburgh location will become the company’s headquarters as of September 1.

Alcoa will be reducing and reshuffling its locations for the next eighteen months, as another seven locations will close, transferring employees to offices or plants that remain or allowing them to telecommute.

According to the company, streamlining and consolidating its offices under the plan in question will cut US$5 million in overhead each year once all changes have been implemented.

“We are taking every opportunity to streamline Alcoa to reduce complexity,” said Alcoa’s Chief Executive Officer Roy Harvey. “Today’s announcement is another step in our drive to be a more competitive, operator-centric Company, with smaller corporate overhead, focused on profitable and successful operations.”

This is the company’s second move at streamlining operations in as many months. Early last month Alcoa bundled its aluminium smelting, cast products, rolled products, and the majority of energy assets under the umbrella of the new business unit Alcoa Aluminum. The move consolidated Alcoa into three business units: Alcoa Bauxite, Alcoa Alumina, and Alcoa Aluminum.

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